Twitter wanted to give its users live­-action VIP access to stars on the red carpet at the 57th annual Logies.

The GIF Booth, powered by the Twitter Mirror, was built so celebrities could connect with their fans in real time, with the highly influential @TVWeekMag tweeting GIFs of red carpet glamour as they happened.

But the stars needed help in giving good GIFS. We needed to create a way for them to view images while taking their own. With only five days to go until the big event, Twitter asked us to help connect the dots. To add further pressure, The Today Show wanted a demo of the GIF Booth live on Channel Nine two days before the big night.


The GIF Booth is powered by three Samsung tablets. The main tablet takes four snaps in quick succession, and combines and Tweets them as a GIF action shot.

With no time to explain how GIFs work to the red carpet luminaries, we needed to show, not tell.

We built an tegration component to connect the tablets and screen previous GIFs on the mirror so celebs knew what they were aiming to create.

We needed to keep things simple, by making the most of the Twitter ecosystem. We also had to make sure that the solution could be re­used around the globe. Eight years of experience developing within the Twitter platform meant we tackled the problem in the simplest most efficient, scalable manner in record time.



The 57th nnual TV Week Award Arrivals grabbed a huge audience of 958,000 (5 city metro). And the second screen audience topped Nielsen’s Twitter TV rankings for the night, exceeding 231,300.